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Funerals are Essential to Healing

Funerals Provide Support to Loved Ones

You may associate a mortuary with death, but these teams of people are so much more. They are support for your family during a time when you desperately need healing. They are well trained in understanding the grieving process and the steps you go through to take the next steps on your journey.

A big part of the healing process and continuing on with your new life is a funeral. Let’s unpack why this event is so important as your heart heals.

Funerals are fundamental to grieving process

Some families debate on whether a funeral service is needed. By eliminating this service, you can decrease the cost during the process. While this may be true, studies show that funerals are absolutely necessary in the healing process.

Part of the grieving process is done alone but a larger part of the process is done through connecting with others. Funeral services allow exactly that. They are a formal process to bring people together. This allows people to discuss the uniqueness of the deceased, memories, and what that person meant to you. It allows you to find common ground with others who were touched by your loved one in a similar way. During this time you might even create a new friendship that honors your loved one. Honoring the life of the one who has passed is an act of love.

When you forgo offering a funeral, you are taking away the opportunity for others to grieve together and heal.

Funerals mark a change

The funeral is a point of time where we can mark a change in our status. It’s the first time someone might think of herself as a widow or when you begin to accept your loved one is gone. Having a public event where you can begin to take on this new identity is important as you begin to continue on with your new life.

A funeral honors your loved one

Each funeral is customized to honor the loved one who has passed. These can be built prior to a person’s death or their loved ones can put a service together that is heartfelt. A funeral is completely customizable to fit your family. These can be religious or nonreligious and include readings, songs, and photographs however you see fit. The goal of this event is to honor your loved one and represent what they meant to you. Some of those who are religious look at a funeral as a celebration of life as they believe they have won the battle and are now in heaven. Giving loved ones that hope makes the grief and mourning easier.

Mayes Mortuary is here to support your family during difficult transitions. We know losing a loved one is a big change. We are here to partner with you.

Mayes Mortuary has been a part of Morristown for over 70 years. We have provided love and support to many of your parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents over the years. If you or a loved one is looking to plan ahead in planning a funeral, please reach out to our team.

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